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We take pride in our partnerships with various local government organizations as they undertake the journey towards modernizing their systems.

Project Spotlight

Harnessing OIC for Custom Integrations at Weber County

For Weber County’s implementation of Oracle Cloud HCM, Graviton Consulting successfully leveraged PaaS to create an innovative solution for integrating a new HCM system with a legacy finance solution.


When Weber County, Utah, began its project to replace their legacy HR and Payroll system for the County’s 1,200 employees, one of the most challenging requirements they faced was the new system needed to fully integrate with the County’s existing on-premise financial system.


Leveraging Oracle PaaS, our team developed an integration that allocates payroll cost based upon the time charged by employees on various projects in Oracle HCM. This interface splits both wages and benefits using the project hours entered by employees, and creates a payroll costing file that contains both Project and General Ledger fields. The costing file is then sent over to the County’s MUNIS financial system.

To improve the functionality of the solution for the County users, we leveraged PaaS to build a web application that allowed the County business users to maintain project segment values, create benefits overriding rules, and run payroll costing audit report all online. Graviton further extended the capabilities of the solution by developing interfaces to synchronizes values such as payroll deduction codes, project segment values, GL Chart of accounts, etc. between Oracle HCM, Oracle Integration Cloud, and MUNIS system.


Additionally, our team has also followed this same integration approach of building complex integrations and non-delivered interfaces, including for the Social Security Administration (SSA), California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS) and the Utah Retirement System (URS).


By leveraging Oracle PaaS, customers like Weber County can take on complex integrations, which gives them greater flexibility in their implementation approach. Organizations who are not yet in the market for replacing both their HCM and ERP systems, can still choose to adopt Oracle Cloud and keep their other existing systems until they are ready to replace them. Weber County successfully went live with Oracle HCM Cloud in October 2022 and Graviton Consulting completed the project on-time and on-budget.