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Big always begins with small.

A tiny spark of business intelligence can ignite better decisions, strategic actions and a more sustainable business strategy for the world’s largest Companies. This belief is the cornerstone of Graviton Consulting Services.
We are a lean professional services company, providing a suite of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. Founded by professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years in Information Technology, we have worked with top Fortune 500 Companies, state and local governments, medical institutions providing advanced education and more. We develop and deploy solutions that increase productivity and empower our clients at multiple levels. By nurturing a culture of excellence internally, we align with clients to streamline their operations, infuse value and make a greater impact on their business.

Purpose: We seek to transform the way we find and implement innovative solutions, to create higher cost effectiveness and better outcomes.

Company values:

Company values: Our deep-rooted values are best summed up with a word that represents our most precious commodity: TIME

T for Team – Our team and clients are priority and we treat them with utmost respect and dignity.
I for Integrity – We believe that the best business is achieved with integrity and honesty.
M for Making a Difference – We are responsible and accountable to the community in which we operate, and seek to make a difference in their lives.
E for Engage – We invest in time to engage with our customers without riding high on the monetary scale.

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We drive change with updated PeopleSoft Applications.