Company Profile

At Graviton Consulting Services we believe that even a tiny spark of business intelligence can ignite better decision-making, strategic action, and more sustainable business strategy.
Founded by professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years in information technology, we have worked with top Fortune 500 Companies, state and local governments, medical institutions and more. We develop and deploy solutions that increase productivity and empower our clients at multiple levels. By nurturing a culture of excellence internally, we align with clients to streamline their business processes.

Our Mission: We strive to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for our clients and our employees.

Company values:

Partnership: We are passionate about building strong, long lasting relationships with our clients.

Efficiency: We believe that the best solutions are found when people are willing to set their ego aside think outside the box.

Respect: We believe that humility and respect for others is paramount.

Work/Life Balance: We encourage our team members to find a healthy work/life balance. We understand the importance of family, and seek to accommodate the individual needs of our employees.

Community: We feel we have a responsibility to give back to our community. By hiring from local universities, and providing internship opportunities to students and young professionals, we strive to foster a culture learning and growth.

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We drive change with updated PeopleSoft Applications.