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At Graviton Consulting Services we believe that even a tiny spark of business intelligence can ignite better decision-making, strategic action, and more sustainable business strategy.
Founded by professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years in information technology, we have worked with top Fortune 500 Companies, state and local governments, medical institutions and more. We develop and deploy solutions that increase productivity and empower our clients at multiple levels. By nurturing a culture of excellence internally, we align with clients to streamline their business processes.

Purpose: We seek to transform the way we find and implement innovative solutions, to create higher cost effectiveness and better outcomes.

Company values:

Company values: Our deep-rooted values are best summed up with a word that represents our most precious commodity: TIME

T for Team – Excellence in consulting relies upon a successful partnership between provider and client. At Graviton we facilitate open communication and full engagement, because teamwork lies at the heart of what we do.
I for Integrity – Trust is essential to any healthy business partnership. We value transparency with our clients, and we believe we have a solemn duty to deliver on our commitments.
M for Making a Difference – We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that the I.T. solutions we provide meet their specific, individual needs. It is our goal to make a tangible difference in the way business is done.
E for Engage –¬†At Graviton we make it a priority to invest our time getting to know the exact needs of our clients. Through a deepened understanding of the client’s organization we strive to maximize the efficiency of our software implementations.

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We drive change with updated PeopleSoft Applications.