PeopleSoft HCM Image 22 Overview

​Oracle/PeopleSoft continues to deliver new and enhanced functionality designed to help drive organizational effectiveness, provide decision support tools to facilitate intelligent business execution and offer customers more flexibility through the use of additional configuration options, integrations, and new tools capabilities. ​

The Fluid User Interface (Fluid UI) continues to be one of the most exciting and revolutionary new features PeopleSoft has delivered in years. PeopleSoft HCM and ELM plan to continue to deliver self-service applications that can be used from multiple devices (smartphone, mini-tablet, tablet, and laptop/desktop) and which provide an optimized user experience across different form factors.

Absence Management:

With the new enhanced integration between Absence Management and Time and Labor, Absence or Time and Labor Administrator can run the Absence process iteratively and create Payable Time for Absences. It is no longer needed to finalize the absence calendar to send the Absence to Time and Labor.

In addition, Fluid Absence Self Service Enhancements now allow users to inquire the eligibility and forecasting results for employees and managers. Using the View Absence Balances pages in Fluid, user can review the current absence balances, forecast and project balances as of a future date and review Forecast Balances details.


Enhancements for payroll for North America:

  • Fluid consent for electronic W-2/W-2c forms.
  • Configurable confirmation for updatable PDF withholding forms ( When employees submit tax withholding changes using updatable PDFs, the confirmation message appears in a separate PDF file that opens when the transaction is complete)


Enhancements for Global Payroll:

Fluid Self Service for ePay Global Payroll Banking. PeopleSoft ePay now enables employees to review, edit, and add bank account and payment distribution information using the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface. ​


There are few enhancements in the ePerformance

  • New setup options to include document sections in the Define Criteria step and the Track Progress step individually.
  • New setup option to add attachments to employee self-evaluation documents.


eProfile manager Desktop:

New Clone Position Transaction in Guided Self-Service:

Guided self-service now enables managers to request a new position that is based on an existing position in their organization. Managers can clone the position from the My Team page. The cloning process will copy data from all of the fields that are listed in the configuration options. The default values in all of the fields come from the position of the employee whose position is being cloned.

Enhanced Guided Self-Service Transaction for Updating Full/Part Time Status:

The delivered guided self-service transaction that was previously called Change Full/Part Time Status is now called Change Full/Part Time or Hours. Additionally, any transaction that includes the Standard Hours field now includes a display-only FTE (full-time equivalent) field.

Employee Snapshot New Content and Enhancements:

Employee Snapshot now includes additional tiles, pages, and the new Performance Review dashboard to review an employee’s skill sets and responsibilities.

Global Payroll:

COBOL Trace Tool:

The Global Payroll COBOL Trace Tool enables provides payroll administrators a step-by-step method of tracing payroll calculations. A new group box on the Debug and Tuning Options page enables you to configure how detailed of a COBOL trace you want to run.


Payroll Analytics – 8.55 Tools Uptake:

The Global Payroll Analytics page now leverages full PeopleTools 8.55 pivot grid functionality, including saved searches, and prompts and editable facets.

Time and Labor:

Time and Labor Manager Self Service pages:

The PeopleSoft Time and Labor Manager Self Service pages enable the managers to enter time and review weekly, payable time, and leave balances using a Fluid User Interface.

PeopleSoft CRM 9.2 Help Desk for Human Resources:

  • Enhancement to Pivot Grid Analytics
  • Added feature that enables the customer to choose the PeopleSoft employee number or EBS Employee number or Both in HR Help-desk Case, Person, Worker, Mini Chat Navigation, Create Case for Direct Reportee in Employee self-service for manager.
  • Added the CRM Full Sync Integration Guided Process to initiate and monitor the full sync integration between HCM and CRM. Also, added pre-defined CRM Application Data Sets to move objects from one environment to another.

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