PeopleSoft FSCM Image 23 Highlights

Oracle/PeopleSoft continues to deliver new and enhanced functionality designed to help drive organizational effectiveness, provide decision support tools to facilitate intelligent business execution and offer customers more flexibility through the use of additional configuration options, integrations, and new tools capabilities. Oracle recently released Image 23 of PeopleSoft FSCM with the following enhancements:


Enhanced the Fluid user interface for approval of Travel Authorization, Cash Advance, Cash Advance Post-Pay Audit and Expense Post-Pay Audit. In addition, you can view Notes and Attachments if they exit on the Classic page.



Accounts Payable WorkCenter in Fluid. Added the flexibility to manage operational work using the PeopleSoft Accounts Payable WorkCenter. When accessing Payables transactions from the PeopleSoft Fluid WorkCenter, you can drill down to transactions and take an action against one or more transactions in the list.

General Ledger:

Enabled Fluid ChartField Request Approval through PeopleSoft Page Composer. ChartField request can be approved using a mobile device, by accessing the Pending Approvals page, and selecting the Field Request type. ​


Added Fluid Approvals for invoices at the header and line levels. This feature allows you to approve, deny, or push back transactions; add comments for approval actions; and view transaction attachments. This feature enables Accounts Payable approvers to view Approval History and submit Self Service Invoices, for approval, from the voucher component.


Enhanced Fluid Approval, for Receivables Draft and Maintenance leveraging PeopleSoft Page Composer, for approval transactions initiated from the Draft and Maintenance Worksheet.

Added Fluid pages and components for the Receivables Fluid WorkCenter.


Deal Confirmation for Fluid Approvals allows users to approve and deny the deal confirmation; add comments for approval and denial actions; and view line details and transaction attachments.


Enhanced the Award Milestone includes the ability to add, update, and copy milestones in bulk, and to link projects and activities to a milestone.

Resource Management:

Enhanced Resource Management to leverage the PeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) to create and manage the approval process for resource assignment workflow. When approving assignments, you can track the approval status with the help of the approval monitor.

Added the Resource Management – Fluid Resource Profile to provide resources and employees. Implementing Component (Keyword) Search in Service Order Component, and Assign Resource Component.

Supplier Relationship Management Solutions:

Enhanced the Supplier Portal for public and secure access. Two Homepages are delivered: one for Public usage and one for Secured usage.

The Public page provides prospective Suppliers information about Company Announcements, Public Bidding Opportunities, User Registration Links, an Event Calendar.

The Secure page provides registered Suppliers information pertaining to their business transactions.


Purchasing and eProcurement integration enhancements provide maintenance organizations with the ability to associate amount-only requisition and purchase order lines for work order, task-related, procurement activities

Improvements to Bidder Invitations in Strategic Sourcing, Enhanced Fluid Approval in Supply Chain Management Solutions for Suppliers, which allows you to view detailed information about Suppliers awaiting approval; and approve or deny the request.

PeopleSoft Mobile Approvals: 

Mobile approvals have been added to the following modules.

Application Transaction Approval
Expenses Travel Authorization, Advance, Cash Advance Post-Pay Audit, Expense Post-Pay Audit ​
General Ledger Chartfield Request
Receivables Draft Write-Offs, Maintenance Write-Offs
Treasury Deal Confirmation

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